Board Of Commissioners


Gunarso Margono


President Commissioner


Indonesian citizen, 77 years old, domiciled Jakarta. Appointed as Commissioner since 1987. He is the founder of Gapuraprima Group, who also serves as President Commissioner of PT Abadi Mukti Guna Lestari and PT Citraabadi Kotapersada. He started his business in 1970 in General Trading. Then he plunged into the world of property development in the decade of the 1980s to build simple housing for military retirees in Lampung, then build smaller housing projects in Cilegon, Bekasi and Bogor. At the beginning of the 2000s. Gapuraprima Group continues to explore the property to the upper middle class to build apartments, offices and shopping malls in Mega Kuningan, South Jakarta.





Stephen K. Sulistyo


Vice President Commissioner


Indonesian citizen, 53 years old, domiciled Jakarta. Served as Commissioner since 2015. He served as Senior Managing Director for Business Development & Investment at PT Rajawali Corpora and also held important positions in several other Rajawali Group’s Companies. He also served as President Commissioner in 2014-2015 and Independent Commissioner in 2007-2013 of PT BW Plantation Tbk. Previously, he served as President Director of PT Global Bermutu in 2004-2008, Director of PT Media Nusantara Citra Tbk (2004-2008), Commissioner of PT Matahari Lintas Cakrawala (2004-2008) and Director of PT Bhakti Investama Tbk (2003-2008). He earned a Business Administration of Accounting and Finance from California State University of Northridge in 1988.




Toni Hartono


Independent commissioner


Indonesian citizen, 78 years old, domiciled Jakarta. Served as Independent Commissioner since 2007. Prior to joining Gapuraprima Group, who was born in Cilacap, Indonesia was once served as a Commissioner of PT Bank Rakyat Indonesia Tbk, Senior Advisor at Korindo Group (2000-2006), Deputy Secretary of State RI (1998-2000) and Governor of the Indonesian Military Academy (1987-1992).




Board Of Directors


Rudi Margono


President Director


Indonesian citizen, 47 years old, domiciled Jakarta. He has served as President Director of the Company since 1988. Currently, he also serves as a Commissioner of PT Best Prima Indonesia, PT Bina Usaha Nusantara, PT Graha Azura, PT Bina Buana Semesta, PT Kharisma Putra Andalas and also as Director of PT Citraabadi Kotapersada, PT Bina Cipta Nusantara. He completed his education at the Department of Real Estate Engineering Tarumanegara University in 1991 and earned a Master in Business Administration at Aspen University, Colorado United States in 1993.




Arvin F. Iskandar B.Sc., M.B.A.


Vice President Director


Indonesian Citizen, 48 years old, domiciled Jakarta. Served as the Marketing and Operational Director since 2015, based on the Decree No. 079/SK/PGP/VII/2015, dated July 15, 2015. He has more than 15 years of experience in Corporate Finance at several banks and securities Companies. Furthermore, he has more than 10 years experience in the property industry. Since 2007 he has joined several companies in Gapuraprima Group and established his own company in property and hospitality. Until now, he also held several important positions, such as President Director of PT. Graha Azura (since 2015), Commissioner of PT Gapura Inti Sejahtera (since 2015), Commissioner of PT Gapura Pakuan Property (since 2015), PT Bina Usaha Nusantara (since 2011), Commissioner of PT Mitra Abadi Sukses Sejahtera (since 2009), PT Mitra Abadi Sukses Sejahtera (since 2009), President Director of PT Best Prima Development (since 2008), Commissioner of Pacific Property (since 2007), President Commissioner of PT. Media Property Journalist (since 2005) and Managing Director of PT Tri Professionals (since 2004). He earned his Master of Business Administration and Bachelor of Science from San Francisco State University, USA in 1994 and 1992.




Kelik Irwantono




Indonesian citizen, 46 years old, domiciled Jakarta. Served as Finance Director since 2015 based SK No. 078/SK/PGP/VII/2015 dated July 15, 2015. He holds a Bachelor Degree in Economics Accounting from Gadjah Mada University in 1996. He has extensive career experience as Finance Director (2013-2015 ) and Corporate Secretary (2009-2013) of PT BW Plantation Tbk, the External Auditor in Public Accountant (KAP) Hans Tuanakotta & Mustafa (Member of Deloitte Touch) (1996-2001), Head of Accounting PT Bimantara Citra Tbk (2001-2002) PT Media Nusantara Citra Tbk (2001-2007).






Independent Director


Indonesian citizen, 66 years old, domiciled Jakarta. Appointed as Director of Engineering since by decree No. 031/SK/PGP/VI/2017 dated June20, 2017. Previously, he served as Site Manager of PT.AMARTA KARYA (1980 – 1982), PT.BUMI PRASIDI Bi-Epsi (1982 – 1997) as Director , SADEAN GROUP (1997 – 2003) as Director, PT. INTI KARSA DAKSA – DAKSA GROUP ( in 2003 ) as Director, PT.Sumber Daya Nusaphala (in 2007) as Operasional Director and as Technical Director in Gapuraprima Group (2008 – 2014). He completed his undergraduate education from the University of Diponegoro Semarang, Department of Civil Engineering in 1980, and earned a Master of Management from STIEIPWI in 1998.



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