Vision And Mission 


Being a multinational company that is trusted and respected by the stakeholders, and align with similar companies in the region.


Being a company that is efficient, innovative, proactive, relying on the development of human resources, information technology and procedures and committed to quality of service and quality.






Mission Gapuraprima Group is optimizing and integrating commercial terms with the need for housing people from all walks of life, and also provide a quality service and powerless in order to achieve customer satisfaction.


Develop housing with good quality and keep abreast of international planning. originated from the development of a variety of small housing in the Greater Jakarta to the development of high rise buildings and shopping centers and office buildings.


Forming strategic alliances and partnership with local and regional players. doing business with commitment and continues to grow naturally while trying to become a partner of the government and the private sector in improving the national economy and make the employee as a company asset that can develop competence in the field of property.


Creating a portfolio of innovative products and received by the market. Responsive to changes and challenges in the future to continue to work better. property is long-term work, therefore we are always compelled to create a product that will be remembered era, which became the trademark of a city or region.








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