Company : PT PGP | Type : Landed House | Location : Bogor, West Java | Launched : 1993 | Total Area : 170 hectares | Total Unit : 10,000 units | Unit Sold : 85% | 


Ramadhan Promo 2016


promo ramadhan 2016


Cluster Pinewood Residence



Cluster’s Selling Point


  • High contour with mountain view. Mount Salak, Mount Pangrango and Mount Pancar.

      Row of wide road at least 8 meters.

  • Minimalist modern house design with 4 meters high ceiling.
  • Green trees adorn the boulevard area with a combination of classic scripture pillars and lights from the park.


Type of Houses


  • Type Cherry, LB/LT : 36/78 (6x13M)
  • Type Mapple, LB/LT : 45/90 (6x15M)


Promo within Ramadhan & Idul Fitri 2016


  • Get an early price. 499 mill rupiah for type 36/78 and 580 mill rupiah for type 45/90.
  • Get a Triple Fifty Promo : 50% DP disc, 50% Credit disc, 50% KPR cost disc.


KPR cooperated with BNI Bank  Fix interest for 2 years = 7,95%


  • Fix interest for the 3rd, 4th, 5th year = 10,75%

Bukit Cimanggu City at the start of 1990 with an area of approximately 80 ha in the first stage, and then developed with an additional 40 HA, and continues to grow until it reaches the stage of a total of 185 HA. 

Bukit Cimanggu City - Located in the developing regions, strategic and easily accessible Situated in developing & Strategic Located in North Bogor, Region grew rapidly and bright prospects. Support to more than a few housing projects and areas fairly dense population create economic growth in this region are growing fast. The shopping center is located 1 km from the housing, hospitals and other supporting facilities. Access easy achieved.

Backed by a strong infrastructure, the location of Mount Cimanggu City can be accessed only by the distance of 5 minutes from exit South Sentul BORR km 42 and 20 minutes from the motorway jagorawi. In addition, public transport is easily reached only 5 minutes from the railway makes it easily accessible location.

Bukit Cimanggu City - The basic concept of Integrated, Innovative and Variatif Being the best is the vision of a Bukit Cimanggu City, to realize the vision of development and this project development endlessly of 1990. Total Area of more than 185 HA, bukit Cimanngu City comes with the concept of integrated and innovative city, the development and construction of housing projects continue endlessly. With existing facilities such as the Sport club, Cafe & Resto, Tennis Court, Swimming pool, Mosque, Water Park, Market Place development and the development of housing projects is still growing up to be a new satellite town.Housing applying cluster in Bukit Cimanggu City with a unique style of design and modern architecture and quality assured so as to make the value of your investment continues to grow. And the presence of security 24 hours in each cluster providing more comfort and safety for the 3000 heads of families who have been habitable in Bukit Cimanggu city. The upper middle class housing can be owned at a price range of 500 jt-an s / d mansion with view of the lake 2 Miliyard.

Bukit Cimanggu City - The Best Facilities A housing with complete facilities make people feel easy and comfortable for the people who live in the Bukit Cimanggu Cityy. Means of exercise and recreation such as sports clubs, café & restaurant, Tennis court, swimming pool, fitness center, billiard center, karaoke, and a function room available for you. Similarly, public facilities such as police, religious facilities, community health centers in the present location. And more spectacular, water adventure rides Marcopolo Water Adventure comes with an area of more than 4.5 HA has been officially opened at the end of 2006. Certainly a holiday you will delight in the water adventure rides marcopolo, with game as diverse as Spiral slide, lazy river, Plaza geysers with a splash of water to dance with you and your family, cup Periodically, do not be surprised when you walk through the Giant coral due to a sudden shower will accompany you pass through the area. Make sure all the conveniences of your life in one location, namely in Bukit Cimanggu City.

Development and the Development Cimanggu City Hill relentless. With a high commitment and always wanted to be the best, Bukit Cimanggu City project to build and develop products - products for the property relentless present what's best for the community.


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