Corporate Social Responsibility

The company is responsible towards the stakeholder and the surrounding environmant where it resides. in this context, the environment means the natural community and Society. The company has a Social responsibility to become a balancing act between business scope and social activities nameLy give donation to the orphanage and Less fortunate people and also joint-cooperation with lndonesian Red Cross.

CSR activities

PT. Perdana Gapuraprima, Tbk has done CSR activities through the program of clean up the mosque in the Month of Ramadan 1437H on 7th June 2016 at Masjid An-Nuur, Menteng Atas, Setiabudi, South Jakarta and also granting donation to the 1.000 Orphans at the Stadium Soemantri Brodjonegoro, South Jakarta on 16th June 2016 along with REI DKI in program Jakarta Share 2016.