Project Description

Anyer Palazzo

Anyer Palazzo is an exclusive residential complex in the area of Anyer Beach, Cilegon, Banten. The company will only build eight units in the complex. Each unit of house is equipped with a variety of modern household appliances and ready for use.

Other than that, the house also has a swimming pool with a resort nuance. In this area, the company will build a hotel which will be an integrated resort in Anyer.

Perusahaan : PT PGP
Lokasi : Anyer – Banten
Diluncurkan: 2004
Luas area: 6.500 sqm
Total Landbanks

Kantor Pusat
Head Office

Anyer Palazzo
Anyer Kidul Banten
Telp (0254)600 564
Fax (0524)378 255