Project Description

Taman Raya Citayam (PT. PGP, Tbk)

Taman Raya Citayam is located in Citayam Highway, Bojong Gede District, Bogor Regency. Taman Raya Citayam was established in 1996 in an area of 164,558 sqm and has now sold entirely to buyers.

The houses in Taman Raya Citayam were approximately developed with a minimalist model equipped with a steel roof truss, gypsum ceiling, hollow metal ceiling frame, concrete gutters, aluminum frame/window, panel door, tile floor, iron fences, bathrooms with shower, equipped with exhaust fan.

Perusahaan : PT PGP
Lokasi : Citayam, Bojong Gede – Jawa Barat
Diluncurkan: 1996
Luas area: 16.558 sqm
Total Landbanks

Kantor Pusat
Head Office

Taman Citayam
Jl. Perum Taman Raya Citayam
Bojong Baru, Bojong Gede, Jawa Barat