Project Description

Taman Raya Cilegon

Cilegon Raya Park is located in Gedong Dalam Village, Cilegon District, Banten. Taman Raya Cilegon was developed in 2001. Currently, this property product has been sold entirely to buyers.

The Taman Raya Cilegon residential area is located within the city of Cilegon, Tangerang Province. The location is adjacent to the Regional General Hospital (RSUD) Panggung Rawi, Cilegon. Each house in the residential area is built on land with an average size of 72 square meters

Perusahaan : PT. PGP
Lokasi : Cilegon – Banten
diluncurkan: 2001
Luas Area: 49,988 sqm
Total Landbanks

Kantor Pusat
Head Office

Taman Raya Cilegon
Serang Cilegon Selatan, Desa
Kadubeureum Kec. Padarincang,
Kab Serang
0254 378 256 – 378 255